Thank You to the Friends of the Village


London Fanshawe Horticultural Society for their ongoing support in the beautification of our property.


Steve Dietrich from AGF Dietrich for his donation of a flat bed truck and driver for our Christmas float.  Thanks also to driver Luis Tessier for being so helpful on parade day. 


Jodie Guzi and Colourful Communities Program by Dulux Paints for the donation of all the paint and manpower to paint Cottage 1 for our new Respite Day Program.  


London South Rotary Club & Friends for their countless hours of volunteering to paint Cottage 1 for our new Respite Day Program.


London East Rotary Club for their monetary donation for the purchase of paint for the painting of Cottage 5 & 6.


Steve Copps from Copps Buildall (downtown) for the donation of ceiling paint. 




London Village Food Bank

1340 Dundas Street East



10:00am - 2:00pm


For more information or to make an appointment call 519-455-4810 ext.309






 Interested in supporting our mission?

 We will gladly receive donations, bequests and memorials at The London Village.  Your generosity enables us to enhance our service delivery.


To donate contact the Executive Director at 519-455-4810 ext.301


or email